Our team of qualified property agents provide a full spectrum of services including acquisition, disposal, valuation, rating and asset management across all types of commercial property.

Our clients include retailers, leisure operators, insolvency practitioners, banks and VCs. CAPA is well versed in lease restructuring and negotiation of rent and other property cost reductions. By avoiding work on behalf of landlord companies we ensure that there is no conflict of interest. Our professional advice covers individual properties, groups and entire corporate entities. Our fees are contingency based – we are rewarded based on success.


Capa establish their client’s specific property requirements, search the market and identify all known opportunities which match criteria.

We are able to negotiate hard with landlords and draw on a vast wealth of experience and precedent.

Our specialism is retail and leisure, covering High Street, Shopping Centre, edge of town and Retail Park locations. The entire transaction is overseen from the agreement of Heads of Terms through to completion of legally binding contracts.

Lease Restructuring

By negotiation we reduce headline rent, secure rent free and introduce flexibility of lease length

Wherever possible rent reductions are negotiated either as a permanent arrangement or temporary concession. Rent is the biggest fixed property cost and needs to be at a sustainable level supportable by the current economic conditions.

Capa are presently involved in various pre-pack administrations, acting for new owners where the business model requires a restructured portfolio and lower rent liability.

With our knowledge and expertise in the industry we have leverage which we can apply to new cases.


Capa advise companies on the value of assets, establish the selling criteria and report on what is achievable given current market conditions.

Properties are advertised through an extensive marketing network to introduce a purchaser quickly and on the best financial terms available.

We can deliver group proposals and even entire companies when acting on distressed assets.

Corporate Recovery

Our clients receive critical and strategic property advice and where time is of the essence property asset values are both maximised and realised rapidly.

Capa advise on companies who are in distressed situations. Recent examples include Dreams, Blockbuster, Optical Express, BonMarche, Napkett, Officers Club, Clinton Cards and Borders.

By negotiation with landlords we can reduce rent liability whilst the business is marketed in the hope of achieving a sale as a going concern

Rent Review

Capa negotiate rent reviews and renewals on behalf of tenants throughout the UK. This is across all property types, but with a particular bias towards retail and leisure.

On occasion settlements are via Arbitration or Independent Expert involvement.

Capa work with an incentivised fee basis i.e. payment directly relates to savings.


It has the ability to allow clients to easily access all relevant management and financial information via the web on a 24/7 basis providing processed real-time management data.

This can be provided as part of a fully managed, outsourced service or on a licenced basis with full technical support.

Fees are based on a fixed price per property per annum.


Capa provides advice to clients on each rating revaluation and challenges the VO on its latest assessment.

We negotiate further ongoing reductions where there have been physical changes to the property itself or to the surrounding area.

We work on an incentive fee basis relating to the actual amount of rates saved.