CAPA called in for lease talks on 160 Blue Inc stores

CAPA has been instructed to negotiate new lease terms with landlords of 160 stores run by A Levy & Son, the fashion chain owned by clothing retailer Blue Inc.

A Levy & Son was placed into administration in January 2016 to undergo a corporate restructuring process. Neil Bennett and Alex Cadwallader of Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group were appointed as administrators.

Blue Inc had owned A Levy & Son before putting it into administration and later buying back some of the stores.

CAPA has now been engaged to negotiate new lease terms with landlords of the 160 A Levy & Sons stores. CAPA’s expert Property team will now look to secure lower rents and shorter leases throughout the portfolio of stores.

The Property team has worked on lease restructuring negotiations on many large retailers across the UK for the past 13 years. Negotiations with landlords have been conducted with firms such as Bonmarchè, which has undergone a turnaround process.